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Nice to meet you!

Alex here. I'm a PhD student who has decided to do what I love most: talk about science!

Why should I care?

Microbes are constantly changing the world around us, in all sorts of little seen and unseen ways! From outbreaks of the bubonic plague to outbreaks of SARS, from the yeast used in ancient beers to the yeast in your Mum's sourdough starter: microbes shape human experiences, history, and society (or should I say 'culture'... get it?) every day. "How could I not care?" is perhaps a better question! 

A Disclaimer

Although I have many opinions about (medical) microbiology, I'm not a medical doctor and I don't (and don't want to - nothing personal) know all of the details regarding your medical condition(s). In other words, this blog is intended to educate and empower, but not to diagnose and treat anything you in particular may be dealing with. Please use my words as intended, and get personalized advice before acting on my comments. Thanks!