Can't get enough? I can fix that.
Nice to meet you!

Alex here. I'm a PhD student who has decided to do what I love most: talk about science!

How to declutter your viruses

“Just like our homes, cells can accumulate all kinds of stuff. But with cells the clutter consists of viruses. Cells use autophagy to collect these viruses, break them up and remove them. Just like we humans do when we are cleaning our house. By understanding autophagy, we can finetune it, helping our body to fight diseases like HIV.”

With this 3-minute jargon-free pitch about my research, I won the 2021 Dutch National FameLab final. I'll be heading to the International finals for FameLab in fall of 2021, so stay tuned for more pitches!

Why should I care?

Microbes are constantly changing the world around us, in all sorts of little seen and unseen ways! From outbreaks of the bubonic plague to outbreaks of SARS, from the yeast used in ancient beers to the yeast in your Mum's sourdough starter: microbes shape human experiences, history, and society (or should I say 'culture'... get it?) every day. "How could I not care?" is perhaps a better question!